• Zoom session at the Hinckley ACT
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David Collins playing live at the Hinckley ACT in Leicestershire

Keep first Wednesday special!

Dear Friends of Hinckley ACT,

Government concern about singing and the potential for spreading the virus continues.  We had hoped that things would have settled by now and we could restart club nights.  However that is not to be at this time.

We have performers and members with health issues and do not want to put anyone at risk, or feel uncomfortable.

For those who are able, please join Hinckley Act on line.  For anyone who cannot, please keep first Wednesday special with some music.

We miss you and look forward to a day when we can meet in person.

Sheila & Carol

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Meeting ID: 858 6526 8253
Passcode: 038903

Coronavirus cancellation at the ACT

Concerts have been suspended for the foreseeable future at the Hinckley ACT.

Please take care – and if you get symptoms, may they be mild.

Keith and Pam London champions of the Hinckley ACT

Keith and Pam London champions of the Hinckley ACT

Pam and Keith London

In memory of a wonderful couple who will be sadly missed by many people who performed at or visited the Hinckley ACT.

Mike Harding folk show