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Hinckley and Rugby Building Society – Festival 2011 sponsor

Hinckley and Rugby Building Society is very proud to sponsor The 2011 Hinckley Act Festival of Music this year and help to raise awareness of and support for Parkinson’s UK. Over the years the Society’s staff have helped to raise thousands of pounds for numerous charities and are always happy to get involved with the […]

Thanks to SES Technical – making the Festival sound so good

The recent Hinckley ACT Festival of music was our biggest and best yet – thanks in no small part to Jeff Pallett and his wonderful team from SES Technical in Leicester. SES handled the lighting and sound for the concert main stage – and did such a good job, we promised to give them a […]

Festival of Music 2011

The Hinckley ACT Festival of Music 2011

Parkinson's UK_LogoSunday 29th May brought a phenomenal afternoon’s entertainment to the Sketchley Grange Hotel in Hinckley – featuring Rick Wakeman, Gordon Giltrap, Steve Hicks, and Isambarde.
And this year we were supporting
Parkinsons’ UK.

New for 2011 – extensive craft show and Rob Armstrong Guitar display.

Hinckley ACT Festival of Music lineup

Rick Wakeman, Gordon Giltrap, Lynn Goulbourn, Steve Hicks and Isambarde


Rick Wakeman

It’s true – the Yes keyboard wizard was back – this time armed and dangerous – complete with a number of keyboards (we’re not sure what happened to  the shiny cloak…).

Six Wives of Henry VIII,  The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, film scores including White Rock, Rick Wakeman’s Criminal Record – in fact bucket loads of albums, singles and more joint ventures with other iconic musicians than you can shake a stick at.

To say nothing of the fact that he’s a well-established “Grumpy Old Man” (BBC2), former Planet Rock DJ, a winner on the Radio 4 panel game “Just a Minute” and “One of the blokes they always interview about rock on the telly”.

In fact it seems that 1992 was the only year when nothing memorable happened. Have a look at the whole breathtaking scope of Rick’s achievements at his web site (skip over 1992 of course!).

Gordon Giltrap







Gordon Giltrap will be appearing for the second time this year at the Hinckley ACT

Gordon Giltrap will be appearing for the second time this year at the Hinckley ACT

Gordon Giltrap has been around since the late sixties and his ability at playing the guitar has never been questioned but his heyday may have passed and he is now able to enjoy creating beautiful music, redolent of the British folk world, without the pressures of the commercial world and the result is this – I honestly cannot imagine anyone else more capable of describing the simple pleasures of a ‘Lazy Sunday’ without a single word or physical image.”
(from www.music-news.com).

Andy Snipper in his article above, was reviewing Gordon’s album

Shining Morn, which is available to buy online.

Gordon, like his good friend Rick, intersperses the musical elements with amusing banter and wry observations: again a hugely entertaining combination.


Steve Hicks and Lynn Goulbourn


Steve Hicks is one of the UK’s leading exponents of finger style guitar. Drawing on an astonishing repertoire that encompasses Classical, Celtic, Ragtime, Blues and Folk styles. He delivers material with technical skill, astute artistic integrity and a natural sense of what it means to entertain.

Lynn Goulbourn is an outstanding vocalist who can handle everything from the most demanding traditional songs or jazz standards to the gentlest of lullabies, in addition to providing subtle harmonies.



Folk with tremendous energy! A power trio, consisting Chris Green, Jude Rees and Emily Sanders, Isambarde hail from the Coventry area, but are now reaching quite a distance in their impact.

This seems to be down to a wicked combination of playing ability and song selection. The song selection is a very interesting part of the equation.

Craft show – featuring Rob Armstrong guitar display opened at 11am.

Timetable for the Festival of Music

1.00pm – Main stage doors opened.

1.30pm – Isambarde

2.45pm – Steve Hicks and Lynn Goulbourn

4.00pm – Gordon Giltrap

5.45pm – Rick Wakeman

and massed banks of keyboards.


Sketchley Grange Hotel - home of the Hinckley ACT Festival of Music

Sketchley Grange Hotel – home of the Hinckley ACT Festival of Music


The Sketchley Grange Hotel

Sketchley Grange Hotel and Spa is an elegant Country House Hotel where you can enjoy high quality four star accommodation in a relaxed, rural setting in the Heart of England.

View the web site.

The Hinckley ACT


Based in the Sketchley Meadows Business Park, Hinckley ACT is a high quality music venue that offers an informal and intimate atmosphere for concerts and for the monthly club nights, where musicians can come along  and ‘take the stage.’  Established by company chairman, Keith London, on the premises of his firm

Advanced Carbide Tooling (A.C.T.), the venue provides full stage and seating facilities, plus top quality sound and lighting equipment.

There is a licensed bar and ample free car parking.
Telephone 01455 631 609 and ask for Keith or Pam London. Or email us at