Hinckley and Rugby Building Society – Festival 2011 sponsor

Hinckley and Rugby Building Society is very proud to sponsor The 2011 Hinckley Act Festival of Music this year and help to raise awareness of and support for Parkinson’s UK.

Over the years the Society’s staff have helped to raise thousands of pounds for numerous charities and are always happy to get involved with the support of local people, organisations and events.

Hinckley & Rugby has recently sponsored numerous arts and musical events such as the production of ‘Fame’ at Hinckley’s Concordia Theatre and Burbage Community Arts Festival.

In addition, the Society is proud of its pioneering volunteer scheme, ‘Community First’, which gives staff up to three days’ paid leave each year to get involved in volunteering projects of their choice.

Find out more at the Hinckley and Rugby Building Society website »

Helping the community

Chief Executive Chris White said: “It’s great to know that our staff can help out in this way with some of the numerous charities, groups and organisations which need an extra helping hand.payday loansWe get a lot out of it and we hope that the community benefits as well.”

The Society is committed to providing an extensive range of competitive savings accounts and mortgage schemes and to providing the highest standards of customer service.

With 11 branches and 6 agencies, Hinckley & Rugby is not only represented in some of the towns and cities of the East and West Midlands, but it is also strongly committed to having outlets in smaller village communities where it is often the only financial services provider for miles around.

Hinckley and Rugby are also members of the Hinckley Business Association.
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