Next concert night:
James Hickman and Dan Cassidy

James Hickman and Dan Cassidy at HinckleyACTFriday 19th May 2017 – we will welcome back James Hickman and Dan Cassidy, a transatlantic duo inspired by the traditions of America and Britain, to the Hinckley ACT.

Hickman’s emotive, soaring vocals and driving guitar is complemented by Cassidy’s ingenious and virtuosic fiddling…

Next club night:
Wednesday 7th June

Wednesday 7th June 2017 brings the mid summer club night to the Hinckley ACT in Leicestershire. This promises to be another excellent open mike session featuring the usual eclectic mix of styles.

These informal concert evenings feature some of the finest acoustic folk, rock, jazz and blues musicians and singers in Leicestershire and across the east and west midlands.

With feature artist Colin Squire.

Come and join in – but please contact us to book your slot in advance!
Several slots have already been booked.

Coming soon – James Hickman and Dan Cassidy

Coming soon – June club night

Coming soon – Great North

Coming soon – Andy Cutting

Coming soon – Chris Quinn

Coming soon – Chris Wood

Mike Harding folk show