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Bitsville live music at the Hinckley ACT

Friday 16th May 2014 brings the welcome return of Bitsville – best described as “Bits of drums, voices, basses, and guitar.”

Bits of songs and instrumentals you will never have heard before.

Bits of numbers that you heard somewhere once or twice. Bits of funk-blues-jazz-country-punk-folk-americana-britpop, re-vamped. Bits of structure and chaos…

With special guest Dave Wyatt.

Next club night 7th May

Easter has come and gone and the daylight has returned! Wednesday 7th May 2014 brings the return of the popular open mike club night – featuring some of the finest acoustic folk, rock, jazz and blues musicians and singers in Leicestershire.

With special guests Colin Squire with Martin Bushnell.

Come and join in – but please contact us to book your slot in advance!
Several slots have already been booked.

Coming soon - May club night

Coming soon - Bitsville

Coming soon - Pierre Bensusan

Coming soon - Stefan Grossman

Mike Harding folk show